Posted by: atowhee | December 23, 2021


Checking around I found reports of a peafowl flock in Portland, and the recent execution of two peafowl caught roaming the streets of Tigard. Is there a continued trend among some poulterers to release these domestic birds?

I saw the spread-tailed peacock in our nearby city park here in south Salenm. He is still part, or satellite, of a flock of fourteen Wild Turkeys.

Click here for report from one peacock befriender.

Here is story of lingering feraL flock in Portland, subsidized by locaL HOMINIDS.

Click here for story of peacock execution by government agents.

Naturallty, and unnaturally, feral peafowl are becoming abundant in Florida. Click here. Surely, Florida is the capital of invasive species in North America: Burmese pythons, cane toads, DeSantis, house cats, green iguanas, peafowl, several parrot species and once the first home of the collared-dove which now has conquered this nation. Click here for list of Florida’s worst invasives.
This story says there are five hundred invasives in Florida–click here.
Meanwhile the state’s endangered manatees are going away…forever more.

A friend is Ashland got video of Red-shouldered Hawk eating earthworms, brought to the surface by heavy rains. Here’s video from Lee French:

A few years back I saw a red-tail gobbling worms from a golf course, also during wet winter weather. Click here.

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