Posted by: atowhee | December 22, 2021


There’s a Steller’s Sea Eagle in New England. This is a bird normally found in Siberia, thousands of miles to the west. Click here for the story. This bird can weigh up to twenty pounds and the female has eight foot wing-span, greater than either of our native eagles. Steller’s shares a genus with our Bald Eagle. Both delight in eating fish, among other critters.

Georg Steller himself was a rarity in his time. A German-trained scientist on a Russian exploration ship in the north Pacific in…the 1740s! Decades before Vancouver, Cooke, Lewis & Clark. Steller was the first scientist to see Alaska and thus his namesake species which, of course, he was the first to describe and draw pictures of. In fact, Steller is the only naturalist to ever see [click here] a living Steller’s sea-cow (manatee cousin) which was acciduously hunted to extinction by Russian fur exploiters in the north Pacific.


  1. Very Auspicious. What a gift indeed. ❤️

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