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2022 BIRDING WITH HARRY FULLER : MALHEUR FIELD STATION PROGRAMS! Mark your calendar. All three will be a 5 night program. Lodging and meals are included. Lodging will be in E Dorm. We are requiring proof of vaccination with the booster to attend these programs. E-Dorm has individual rooms with 1-3 beds in each room. There is shared space for bathroom/kitchen/dining area. There is a full kitchen with all appliances, including two refrigerators, so bring your snacks! Our chef can prepare vegan/vegetarian/glutten free, please let us know if you have special dietary needs when you sign up. The cost of any one of these will be $900 per person. We require $100 deposit, balance due before check in. SHARE THE NEWS!

MAY 6-11-2022 Balance due by April 1, 2022

JUNE 2-7-2022 Balance due by May 1, 2022

EPTEMBER 7-12-2022 Balance due by August 1, 2022.

Give our office a call if you have questions or want to book, at 541-493-2629.

[Above from Field Station social media page. Their website has lost its wedmaster and so is not updated…yet.]

To whet your appetitie, some iamges from past trips:


  1. Hi Harry,
    I would like to attend the May 6 trip to Malheur. Is there transportation from Marin? Also, where do I send check or ?
    I have fond memories of birding Malheur years ago.
    Thanks for offering.

    • call (541) 493-2629
      you’d have toget there on your own–no trains and nearest airport is Bend I believe

      • Hi Harry,
        the trip is probably full by now but by any chance is anyone going from Marin? I could possibly carpool then as it is too long a drive for me to tackle on my own. Sorry for late reply, I did not see any reply.

  2. Contact Malhuer Field Station directly. We may add second ivan f there are nough birders.

    • Hi Harry,
      But this is a van once you arrive, correct? I was curious if anyone from my area, Marin, SF, were going and were interested in sharing travel expenses. As I said, I do not feel confident driving alone on such a long trip. Is it possible to use my regular email?
      thank you, Linda

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