Posted by: atowhee | December 2, 2021


There is no closing chapter to the climate change story. It will go on as long as the Earth does. But this on us on us, and we’re on it (the Earth).

Here in Salem we have 5.5 inches of rain last month–just above average. To the south the tale is woeful. The California State Water Project just announced its allotments to water districts–zero. Click here. Lake Shasta is 170 (corrected from earlier wrong figure) feet below full level right now. Click here to see the Shasta chart and drought maps of California and the US. Click here for the Lake Oroville website.

Meanwhile there’s unhappy news from the Atlatic Coast–climate change is not good to seabirds.

Speaking of East Coast–let’s not forget the Bandon area–climate may be coming for the cranberry bogs. Could this our last T-day with cranberry sauce?

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