Posted by: atowhee | November 26, 2021


There are several plants in bloom around Salem even in late November.  There’s dandelion and his compository cousins, cyclamen, some bare branched magnolia, hydrangea that have clung to clusters for many weeks now, a few roses, asters, Queen Anne’s lace, yarrow, a hardy group of violets here and there, English daisies, even a stubborn begonia.  And this plant that didn’t even put out leaves until the rains began, and now it’s blooming and it continued to bloom all last winter.  There must be hardy tubers underground.  The leaves resemble foxglove but the plants are less vertically inclined, none over two feet high yet. Five-petal flowers less than a half-inch across,  The leaves bristling with fine, flexible hairs.  Many leaves have multiple perforations so the plant is not highly toxic to some herbivore(s).

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