Posted by: atowhee | November 24, 2021


This just in from correspondent Marieannette McCabe in rural Ashland: “These pictures were taken during breeding season when the Toms are really looking their best and are very ‘Hot to Trot!’ When daylight hits, they glide down from their roost in the pine tree high on the ridge and land on the field. They don’t move a muscle or say a gobbling word until they are sure that ALL of them are down and safe. Then off they trott one behind the other pecking at weed seeds and any bug they can find. At this lean time of year the pickings are slim.They look a bit scruffy, but then so do we! At least they don’t have to wear masks!”

Click here for a summary of the turkey’s epic struggle with American culture. The birds have cleverly moved to town and suburb where they’re safer.

Click here to read my piece in the Salem Reporter about our turkeys in the Willamette where they are fairly recent arrivals, within the last four decades!

Click here for one of the many youtube videos about terrorizing turkeys…and how people can’t understand any other animal species assuming rights. Guess wild turkeys never really believed all that ruling-the-earth stuff in “The Old Testament.”

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