Posted by: atowhee | November 22, 2021


First, a fresh Great Gray Owl video from Lee French in Jackson County, Oregon. See the bird make several runs at prey, then finally catch a vole and thus get one of the four meals needed on a daily basis. Thus this “nocturnal” owl must often hunt in daylight. An owl’s gotta eat.
Here is the link:

As you watch you’ll see the owl fly from dense shade to bright sunlight and vice versa. Lee’s camera cannot adjust to those abrupt changes quickly. Neither can your eyes nor mine. The owl’s fine eyes cannot move in their sockets but instead have strong reflex muscles that instantly adjust the retina opening to match the light level. This GGO could fly into a darkened theater and instantly see every empty seat. Don’t try that trick yourself, you’ll stumble over somebody’s feet.

Some fine shots from Albert Ryckman who’s visiting in California.

These crane shots come from Woodbridge Road in the Sacramento River Delta. A favorite feeding spot for wintering cranes.


  1. Why is it that those cranes look like they are slinky toys, not at all as if they want to fly. My hats off to them and to those who photograph them.

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