Posted by: atowhee | November 18, 2021


America’s most famous butterfly has made some progress toward survival. Click here. Go milkweed, go!

Far from home…there are native penguins in New Zealand. We once rode a ferry across the North Island’s Bay of Isles. And a dolphin pod of body surfing blue penguins raced to the boat, circled us a couple of times and then sped off to leave behind our shambling, boring motion. But recently a penguin of another color (click here) appeared in New Zealand.

Ferret in the house (click here), except this wan’t a pet! And this was America’s rarest weasel family member!

Guess the ferret was easier to deal with than this big hulk who entered a California 7-11–click here.

Here’s an examniation of the lives and deaths of urban deer (click here) in New York City.

When we lived in England two decades ago the introduced parrots there were already spreading around the city. Click here for a look at how they’ve become ubiquitous. The same species can also be found in Amsterdam and other European cities now. Here is one I photographed on the grounds of Syon House in 2010:

Here’s a little montage from 2014:

The hotter weather is leading some bird species to shrink in size–click here.

And the continued drought in California has been very hard on migrants who arrive there for the “rainy season.” Click here.

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