Posted by: atowhee | November 9, 2021


What is my favorite Oregon bird? Sandhill Crane–the stature, the bugle, the millions of years of evolution. Great Gray Owl–the mystery, the elusiveness, the silence (just opposite of crane sound). Calliope–tiniest bird in North America, yet hardy enough for our mountains? Harlequin…Long-Eared Owl…Prairie Falcon…Evening Grosbeak…dancing grebes on Klamath Lake…

If you had to choose, here are three persuasive arguments for the GGO. All pictures from Marty Karlin. Here is link to his latest complete owl gallery. Such images are possible because these big owls can be so aloof they refuse to acknowledge the presence of a groundling that is too big to eat, too slow to countenance. You gotta love that wingspan and its total silence.

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