Posted by: atowhee | November 5, 2021


This image animalizes autumn–the season’s reality embodied.

Nuts about any nut, this squirrel was fifty feet up an oak, relishing his fresh walnut.

In the nearby park where the dog and I walk the walnuts are bare now. Yet they dominate, the griund littered with the hard round nuts they profligately scatter each fall. Other than conifers, many other trees and shrubs still haven’t gone bare–yellow or russet or green: alder, apple, ash, birch, blackberry, currant, dogwood, hawthorn, hazelnut, maple, oak, snowberry. Last to go leafless will surely be the obstinate oaks, their acidic leaves refusing to drop.

During recent winds the abundant leaf-fall-of-fall roused into wild motion. Red, yellow, brown flats danced and twirled in the air. Then many came to rest in areas out of the wind, forming dense comforters on roofs and along hedges.


  1. Thank you for sharing!

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