Posted by: atowhee | November 4, 2021


Roadrunner, image by Roxie Evans. Location: southern California

Here is earlier blog I wrote about George Sutton’s brilliant essay on his two pet roadrummers when he was a kid.

Roadrunners are one of our fastest birds…on the ground, doing over 25 MPH!


  1. Maybe climate change will have a small bonus: a Greater Roadrunner was seen in Red Bluff 5 days ago… as it gets warmer, we might get to see one across the border in Oregon (actually, one was reported pretty much right on the Oregon-Nevada border about 9 yrs. ago).

    • THey and Phainopepla and Cal Thrasher may all be headed this way for breeding…after all, thge G-T Grackle has already arrived in Oregon!

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