Posted by: atowhee | November 3, 2021


George Monbiot warns we are consuming our species’ future. Click here.

His point: econpomic growth means ever increasing use of resources and accelerating damage to the planet. More greenhouse gases, more deforestation, more chemicals on more farmland, more fish taken from the sea, more construction, more ships and planes burning more fossil fuels, more money spent on more things and activities than consume more stuff and give off more waste. Monbiot doesn’t deal with population growth but more people means more stuff is used, built, consumed, thrown away. If we see resistance to mas mandates for covid, or limits on gun use in America, imagine trying to limit families to one or two children. Even China has backed away from the one-child law there. Many religions do NOT approve of birth control so population control seems almost unthinkable today.

Over a century ago biologist, Gaia theoretician, James Lovelock said our species is too stupid to prevent climate change. Click here. Just this week, the antique gent warned that Gaia will not tolerate our hubris and assaults–we are changign the planet into a place where we cannot survive, or at least our current way of life will disintegrate. It is no longer dystopia science fiction–it is our future.

Click here for story on replanting of fire-damaged sequoia forest in the Sierra Nevada.

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