Posted by: atowhee | November 1, 2021


Click here for ongoing rundown of events and speeches at climate conference Glasgow, inc. Barbados’s plea for help.

“For those who have eyes to see, for those who have ears to listen and for those who have a heart to feel, 1.5 is what we need to survive,” Mia Mottley, prime minister of Barbados, said on Monday.

She added that 2 degrees Celsius of heating “is a death sentence for the people of Antigua and Barbuda, for the people of the Maldives, for the people of the Dominica and Fiji, for the people of Kenya and Mozambique, and yes, for the people of Samoa and Barbados.

“We do not want that dreaded death sentence and we have come here today to say: Try harder.”

Pilgrimage by climate-concerned: walkin’ to Glasgow. Click here.

Two of the five big-time greenhouse gasser are represented at Glasgow by head of state–U.S. and India. Not so Saudi, Russia, China. Here’s summary of how each crucial nation is failing to reach goals for curbing harmful emissions–click.

Two new climate books by U.S. experts, click here.

Insectageddon. Click here.

My generation helped this mess (though it statrted with deforestation and coal mining way back when), but the young are working to clean it up. Click here.

Climate strike Oregon group–click here.

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