Posted by: atowhee | October 30, 2021


There have been condor sughtungs in the Bay Area. Click here for KPIX report on one exloring Mt.Diablo.

Last sprig we learned that the Yurok tribe in Northern California will get to release condors on their land. That will bring these birds back to an area where they soar over Oregon. Their flight ability is such that 200-300 days on a hot day with good updrafts is nuthin’. There is no evidence the condors ever bred in Oregon but they were seen along the Columbia and the coast around Astoria by Lewis & Clark.

Clark wrote: “It is not known that this bird preys upon living animals; we have seen him feeding on the remains of the whale and other foshes thrown upon the coasdt by the violence of the waves. This bird was not seen by any of the party until we had descended the Columbia River below the Great Falls [Bonneville]. He is beleived to be of the vukture genus…”

Click here for Yuroks’ webpage on the pending condor release.

Perhaps less predictable–science shows that some condors can reproduce asexually–click here.

Click here to see close encounter with towel vandals, three condors at a Big Sue hot tub.

Click here summary of condor research and my portfolio of piocs fron watching grandpa and grandson condors soear oerhead along Hwy 1 in Big Sur–nine years ago, a sighting that is inidelible as long as my gray cells work.

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