Posted by: atowhee | October 25, 2021


Not surprising, the U.N. says various national plans to cope with climate change and reduce the damage are woefully inadequate. Good-by Tonga, hello continued business as usual. Click here. The climate summit begins Sunday.

Click here for story with chart showing even the current pledges to reduce greenhouse gases has us headed for well above 2-degree centigrade temp increase on our little, crowded, unstable planet.

Our species seems determined to self-eliminate, to promote extinctions even unto our own demise. Which of our constant behaviors could we possibly alter? Stop pursing endless economic “growth”, meaning more profit with a blind eye to the planetary costs in terms of toxic pollution and climate change? Stop shipping mega-tons of stuff across oceans on boats that pollute magnificently because cheap labor increases profits immensely? We continue to manufacture forever chemicals that we know cause cancer and poison the planet…but they are profitable. Is profit proving to be as deadly as racism, religious fanaticism, sexism, nationalism, refusal of vaccination…could it be our own extinction is what we richly deserve?

Give up the convenience of plastic wrapping everything we buy? Stop using herbicides and pesticides that make farm crops so much bigger and more profitable? Stop population growth? Admit that Earth is a limited resource? Stop subsidizing oil and gas companies? Make corporations liable, for the damage they do to the planet, today and for decades to come? Stop burning coal and put solar panels on every large parking lot and building roof? Ban lead bullets? Eat less beef and pork? But that’s so radical, so un-American, so not been done before…

Keeping on is what our species does best; we rebuild houses after the sea has washed them away; we rebuild in burned forests; we keep making and buying chemicals long ebfore we care what they do to us or the planet or the bees. So now we have more greenhouse gases than ever before, despite all we know and fear and how we burn and parch and bake and flood and tumorate and hurricane and build on the beach… click here if you can stand even more ugly climate news. We just had our worst year ever for greenhouse gases, despite covid-induced working at home, etc.

We now have global economic complexities and digital technologies that we do not know how to control or understand. We cannot even prevent thousands of gun deaths per year and gunpowder is centuries old. Internet, the “supply chain’, massive consumption and waste, and new chemicals are so far in front of our ethics and culture that it feels like chaos when you look at we are doing to the planet.

“I come to the west [now Midwest] prepared for the distaste I must experience at its mushroom growth… The old landmarks are broken down, and the land, for a season, bears none, except of the rudeness of conquest and the needs of the day, whose bivouac fires blacken the sweetest forest glade.” –Margaret Fuller, Summer on the Lakes, in 1843.

‘Twas ever thus.


  1. […] the conference there’ll be proclamations of progress. Monday I blogged (click here) about how bad the greenhouse gas situation has become…we are des… even if we stop polluting […]

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