Posted by: atowhee | October 16, 2021


This is a picture of Bass Lake taken by my friend John Bullock. “Lots of Sparrows, a single Red Tail, tons of Meadowlarks, and a few Magpies” he reports. Thei ‘lake” is supposed to be a major stopover for waterfowl in Siskiyou County. It’s in the state-managed Shasta Valley Wildlife Management Area east of Yreka. But no state can manufacture rain or run-off.

Before the current dryness hit, cranes would nest in Shasta Valley. No longer. They cannot feed and raise young in habitat that is hard-baked, dry, and food cannot be dug from the mud with the crane’s beak/shovel. One small example of the stress and change forced on wildlife by climate change. I vote we stake Sen. Manchin out in the Shasta Valley arid plains for awhile. More coal or preserving life on Earth, get it, Senator?

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