Posted by: atowhee | October 13, 2021


The local turkey tribe, a matriarchy, is slowly expanding. Weeks ago it was a mom and four teenagers. Then two weeks ago I noticed a sixth. Today I saw what my wife noted yesterday–gang of nine. Still the largest, adult female is the sentinel. When the dog and I walked past she was constantly giving her “I’m watching, don’t panic” call, so the others went on feeding. I found a trio of kids pecking at a fallen apple. This neighborhood is good for apples and pears right now. Speaking of apples–today the waxwings came into our garden for their annual crabapple harvest.

Here is our crabapple, fruited up, inviting to waxwings and a few robins as well. Dots aboe two of the waxwings. Just to the left of the upper one is the ghostly image of a thrd bird in flight, the gold bar at the end of its tail left a vapor trail.


  1. Pretty neat to have turkeys around – we don’t have any east of Salem.

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