Posted by: atowhee | October 1, 2021


UPDATE Friday’s finest, photos by Albert Ryckman in Jackson County Cascades Iclick on image to see in full screen):

Albert Ryckman and I are en route to Sonoma for some coastal birding. Today we went from Albany, Oregon, to Klamath Falls. At Plat I east of Sutherlin we found bluebirds, Black Phoebe and Hooded Merganser. There were hundreds of swallows feeding over the lake–Barn, Cliff, Tree. We watched two circling kettles of Turkey Vultures–maybe eighty birds in all. At Valley of the Rogue State Park we found two Band-tailed Pigeons. At the puddled remains of Emigrant Lake near Ashland we found one White Pelican, two white-fronted geese. Albert got his first good pic of an Oak Titmouse arond MP6 on Dead Indian Memorial; there were more bluebirds there. The purpose of the day’s route played out around 545pm as we followed a hunting adult female Great Gray Owl around a mountain meadow in the Jackson County Cascades.

Other images of the day:


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