Posted by: atowhee | September 26, 2021


This would never happen under a Republican President–a Native American community winning a years-long battle to restore an endangered bird to part of its pre-colonial range!
The Yuroks have worked to remove lead shot from any hunting on their land (it’s a condor killer) and now they have approval to bring condors to Northern California. Some of us may live long enough to spot one over the Siskiyoun Pass (click here) and put it on our Oregon List.

Here’s an aduolt burd I watched soar the heads of my birding group along Hwy 1, south of Big Sur village some years ago:

A Turkey Vulture floated past at the same time, looking about the size of a Purple Martin in contrast to this guy’s 9-foot wing-span.

Here’s link to a previous blog I did on the Yuroks’ condor quest and it includes amazing photo a friend took at a Big Sur resort (on his birthday) when a trio of condors came to the hot tub where he was, and the youngste rbegan to sort through the towels, selecting one near the bottom of the stack! Gary Joe photo is very good humor.

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