Posted by: atowhee | September 14, 2021


Chickadee checking for crumbs and spider eggs at outside bakery terrace, that pesterful reflection in window glass is my slacks and belt.

Oaks are dropping a heavy crop if acorns in Bush’s Pastures Park. Squirrels dining well, thiugbh they don’t clean up after a meal.


  1. Oh Harry, thank you for including me on Harry Fuller super photos and comments. Such a nice time to check in on your email. Please keep me on
    distribution. Do you do bird walks still? Peace, Stephanie

    • no officialbird walks but would be happy to meet you at Baskett Slough or Willamette Mission So some time
      emailme any suggestions on timing…I am here all of September and migration is on!

      • thank you. I will be in touch. I have to find locaition of these two places. And, get my car back Oct. 1 after body work and computer upgrade completed by Newberg Ford.



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