Posted by: atowhee | September 13, 2021


A U. N. study predicts over 200-million people will be forced to leave home and become refugees in coming decades. Makes Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other recent refugee sources seem minor by comparison. Recent estimates are that 13.5 million Syrians are either refugees or in displacement camps within the country due to years of civil war. That’s less than 6% of the total displaced persons the UN is predicting. Add a few more civili wars and the Earth will have to deal with a population of refugees as large as Brazil’s. None of that will get the fundamentalist, paternalistic religions to stop opposing any kind of birth control.

Meanwhile the US Gulf Coast is awaiting lots of falling water (rain) and rising water (high tides). It’s Nicholas, not Saint Nicholas, who’s bringing its unwelcome gifts to Texas.

Click here for and it’s live coverage of Nicholas.

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