Posted by: atowhee | August 21, 2021


It was February 12, 2006. The speaker was U.S. President who may have pushed for the Iraq invasion just to secure oil supplies. He was from Texas, a state with a fossil fuel-based economy. The cows are just for show and John Wayne chops. [Click here for map and explanation of beef cattle industry in America…even as fewer young people commit to buying the bits of dead cows still widely marketed.]
Here is what was said, in public, by W: “America is addicted to oil.”

Finally, one town in America has moved to break the addiction. And it is a town that has no rail transportation, and is a suburb of a major city. In California, the car state. Going all electric you may ask?

PETALUMA has banned all additonal gas pumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW–there are almost 18-million registetred motor vehicles in California, plus all the ones that come in from elsewhere.

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