Posted by: atowhee | August 16, 2021


Floods in Arizona. Wildfires in Minnesota. There rainfall is about one third of average this year.

Of course fires are not just All-American: Siberia, Greece, British Columbia. Here Utah has fire woes. And California continues to lead the nation in acres burned. Its Dixie Fire had burned 569,707 acres Monday and is only 31% contained. That wildfire, which started last month, has destroyed 1,173 structures and damaged 80 others. Over 14,000 structures are still threatened.

The lack of water is leading to the first-ever liitation on use of Colorado River Water. Lake Meade is at its lowest level in history. States to be hit by lack of water: Colorado, Arizona, California. It will also hit Mexico which already suffers from lack of rain in many areas.

In the state of Colorado the lack of rain is crushing ranchers. And one seaside town in California can look out onto billions of acxres of water, none of it potable, while a shower costs $5 on the water bill.

Finally, sea water is causing some concern in South Pacific. The Pacific is delivering unwelome cargo. New Zealand confronts dangersu sea snakes washing ashore.

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