Posted by: atowhee | August 10, 2021


Here is a toiny accident victim rescued by a friend in San Francisco. Nancy Keane took this shot after the young’un banged into her window. No serius damage to either bird or glass.

Young Yellow Warbler, likely a wildfire refugee as it is a bit early for them to be migrating. Unlikely this bird was born in San Francisco’s Richmond District where it hit the winhdow. Years ago a fire near Livermore drove Lawrence’s Goldfinches into the city. A long ago fire along Inverness Ridge drove some Pt. Reyes ravens all the way out to the Farallones.

In that first shot he’s carrying a perch. It’s a favorite snack for river otters as well. These shots were all gathered by Albert Ryckman at E. E. Wilson, north of Corvallis. That last little trio are juvie Violet-green Swallows.

From much further away: Mute Swan mom and cygnets, on Lake Zurich, Switzerland. Photo from Portland native, Eric May, taken this month:

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