Posted by: atowhee | August 7, 2021


Ireland today is nothing like it would have been twenty thousand years ago. There are many animals no longer found there: great auk, the Irish elk, the brown bear, Eurasian lynx, gray whale, corn bunting, pine martin, hornet moth, gray wolf, solitary bee, wildcat. Right now most of those species couldn’t survive even if re-introduced…habitat.
One Irish nobleman is letting part of his family’s estate go wild.

Here’s a story about the political and existential struggle over prairie land in Montana…graze it for profit, save it for the good of the wild?

Meanwhile, Montana still essentially bans bison! They are accused of infecting ranch cattle with disease!

In his book, Half-Earth, eminent biologist and author, E. O. Wilson, argues we need to re-wild half of the planet if we have any hope of saving ourselves and mst of our fellow creatures from this Sixth Extinction we are precipitating on this planet. Half-earth is now an on-going project among those who hope to save what so many of us admire and observe in the natural world.


  1. Great piece on the prairie reserve! Such a great concept and well reported. I
    The link to the Ireland piece did not work though. Fix ?

    • put inthe correct Ireland link, thanks

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