Posted by: atowhee | August 4, 2021


The Oregon widlfire situation is complex. You can try to comprfehend it by checking on this Forestry Dept. website. Overnight lightning created many new fires.

It’s even worse in California, right now. We are not the only burners–Hawaii, Turkey, Greece.

California’s heat and dry problems don’t stop with fire and smoke. In the Sacramento River Delta it is now forbidden to pump any surface water for any purpose. I have seen some reasonable discussion of the word “drought” and that it is now hiding the fact that climate has gotten dryer, permanently dryer. “Drought” still implies that there will once again be much more water. Maybe “pandemic” is getting to be misleading, too? Will there always be new covid variants, a pernicious and deadly virus that evolves and continues to infect?

Just along the Cal-Nevada border a non-covid plague has broken out, literally. Bubonic plague killing chipmunks.

Further away the situation is not improving. In Florida the manatees are dying off faster than the un-vaccinated people. In the Gulf of Mexico (so we can blame them?) there is an enlarging dead zone due to stuff our species has created. Here in the Western Hemisphere the most pro-profit, anti-earth administration seems to be in Brazil. Did you get to see the Amazon Basin before it was Bolsinaroed?


California has three wolf packs–two have pups!

U.S. may finally and officially recognize the endangered situation of the Emperor Penguin.


  1. I’ve read the news reports too – it’s very depressing, especially the forest fires.

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