Posted by: atowhee | August 4, 2021


I checked Salem’s Fairview “Wetlands” yesterday–no standing water, few birds, no ducks or swallows.
I should petition the city to change the name of our street. It should be “Finchley Road,” perhaps not as showy as the one in London*, but aviastically accurate. We now have three species and about twenty individual finches in our garden daily. All winter the siskins out-numbered the juncos. Their goldfinch cousins were around in modest flocks.

Above: adult and juvie Killdeer; lizard ina bird house from a friend who labelled it “Archeopterix;” kingfisher, male lacks red chest stripe; Coop hunting and friend’s back garden; Rich Fineo sent me the Back-headed Grosbeak shots, first time he has seen one in his Palm Desert garden…this an adult male.

*THat Finchley Road was built in 1836. Runs northwest from north London, through Golders Green, Swiss Cottage, Hampstead and on to….Finchley.

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