Posted by: atowhee | July 29, 2021


I hear second-hand reports of damage done by our forst heat dome this summer in the Willamette Valley. Some loss of Chardonnay grapes due to plant damage. Goldleaf shrubs burned to a blackened crisp above ground. Many trees and shrubs hurt, walnuts shedding nuts early, marionberry crop hurt, birds baked to death, my local squirrel herd greatly depleted. Could it have set off rapid molting among some species? I am surprised at howe many feathers I find around my house and local park. Mostly crow and scrub-jay, large and hard to miss. But I’ve seen one turkey feather, something owlish as well. And today, this fine specimen:

Flicker tail feather. Note the little spike at the end of a solid core, hlepsthe bird brace against the tree as it siddles up and down and leans back for better leverage as it chisels away.

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