Posted by: atowhee | July 25, 2021


Gynandromorphism = when a bird is half male and half female.

Pictures taken in Klamath Basin by Barbara Scholes. Here is her brief comment on seeing the bird: “Here is the red-winged blackbird with the coloring of both sexes and also some white tail feathers. So I think this would be some leucistic characteristics as well.  It really stood out in the big flock it was with.  I was thrilled when it displayed for my photo!  I think it’s beautiful!”

Here’s another outstanding icterid. This oe was p[hotographed some years ago by Larry McQueen, at a feeder in Eugene:

My weirdest incterid ever was twelve years ago in White City, a top-white Brewer’s Blackbird, click here to see that one.

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