Posted by: atowhee | July 23, 2021


Here’s is Shannon Rio’s description of what she found at TUle Lake NWR ths past week. Keep in mind most of Lower Klamath NWR is powder dry so water-requirinig birds from stilt to pelicanhave moved elsewhere. There is water in Upper Klamath Lake, of course.

“So tule sump A has been drained into tule sump B to prevent sump A from being a shallow pool of botulism.  I counted 7000 phalaropes in sump B.  
“Another phenomena from our visit to the refuge this week is that there is a cricket infestation.  Large yellow crickets hit the windshield sounding like hail.  This occurs in pockets of land primarily around Stateline and Fugate [intersection].  The gulls love eating crickets.  I have seen this before and it is pretty amazing.”

The gulls are going to be Ring-billed and California.

Click on any image for full-screen view.

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