Posted by: atowhee | July 21, 2021


Above: one third of a walnut sheared away from the standing trunk. The various shots of parallel oak trunks knocked down across Clark Creek. I suspect those two oak trunks and two others nearby have the underground root connections we now know are common in oak groves–they may all be one organism with unique DNA. Deadly damage? This all happened during the horrific ice storm here in Salem in February. That’s when I took the shots above.

Now look at the right hand of each fallen oak trunk–dense clusters of green leaves have sprouted on both. Pictures taken this week.

Perhaps the wounded walnut is even more vital and vehement in its intentions to survive as a tripartite being:

You call these slow-moving creatures “tree-mendous” or even “Tree-rific.” They are turning over many new leaves. And we lesser beings are rooting for them. What other magic is hidden in the trunk? They intend to open new branches it seems. The oaks, the walnuts, they are never treepedacious, they do not treemble, they grow and they treeach a lesson about being in nature, a nature giving no free passes, no quick solutions.

For a closer look at the ice storm devastation five months back, click here for blog done ten days later when we finally got our internet service restored.

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