Posted by: atowhee | July 8, 2021


Thousands of people are leaving Pacific island nations. Four island nations have treaties with New Zealand so their residents can abandon life there–Kiribati, Tuvalu, Tonga or Fiji#. Across the Pacific rising sea levels are making life ever more precarious. Some islanders prefer a continental escape. So does moving to the American mainlad, settling away from the devouring Pacific help? Say in the Willamette Valley? Turns out climate change will follow whither you goest.

Here’s a sunmary of highly technical report on sea level and rising greenhouse gas levels over coming centuries.

Here’s look at one Maine coastal town’s plan to save it self from the Atlantic.

Further south Miami has a plan calling for $4 billion worth of preventive spending…to keep the city in place.

And right now we can only wonder if Miami’s suburb, Surfside, will become an exemplary case of ignored climate change killing dozens of people. The engineers are still considering what happened and what to day about it. The Florida Republican Party is now cautiously admitting there may actually be on-going climate change.

#How many of us Yanks can even find these places on a map without using Google? How many of us even remember paper maps, or, shudder, an atlas or globe?

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