Posted by: atowhee | July 7, 2021


Our species is running the planet now. Not every decision made is weighed carefully for its effects. And our science and algorithms are not eveb capable of foreseeing all the likely effects.

We will continue to feel the heat. California ia about to get another few days in the oven.

This hot stuff is nothIng new. Some scientists were warning about global warming sime time ago…like six decades ago.

Yet some American political “leaders” (really followers of cash flows into their campaigns) claim it is bs.

Here in Oregon the southern part of the state is well into wildfire season. One fire is burning east of Riseburg in Douglas County, another fire burns in eastern Klamath County. Temps in much of that drought-parched areas will be over 100 in coming days. Smoke will be detected.

Climate change is not only making things hotter. It is making some creatures smaller.


Most people understand the dangers of meth addiction. Now we are seeing what it does to fish as meth contaminates our streams.

And unable to tolerate another alpha predator, there is a whole branch of species determined to kill wolves.


Look at the future of electric vehicles.

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