Posted by: atowhee | July 5, 2021


Peanuts are an American staple#. That means American birds value them as cachable provender. When we lived in England peanuts were viewed askance. The alleged prominence of the fearful peanut allergy was widely known. Anything that contained peanuts had a warning LABEL! I think research has shown that toddlers fed peanuts quickly develop the intestinal ability to digest ’em. Protected from peanuts, the human body can become allergic. Peanut vaccinations would be a good idea. Meanwhile, American corvids have been eating them since they left the egg. And they will plant them in your garden for no charge.

The scrubber taking a peanut to hide is “Junco Jay” as I can’t ignore his a large reproduction of the standard junco tail. Then there was the young Steller’s who came for a drink, first of that species I’ve seen in a couple weeks…probably his first visit ever. Dhots taken through a dirty window. Neaby our garden there is breedig habitat for Steller’s, RB NUthatch and C-b Chickadees.

#Peanuts are native to the Western Hemisphere and so European genetics would not have adapted, but the peanuts’ contents apparently are not too toxic so the habituated hominid body can adjust. Even if you are not Native American or a corvid you can safely eat peanuts if you start early. I certainly did.


  1. […] One sad note this summer in Jaydom. I have not seen a junco jay in some weeks. There was such a youngster, I think, this past spring. Now–nada. I first saw the local junco hay back in the fall of 2020, and that bird was still around in winter, 2022. This is link to post on junco jay from last summer. […]

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