Posted by: atowhee | July 2, 2021


Somewhere along the lower reaches of Clark Creek, south of where it flows into Pringle Creek, there may be a Green Heron nest. It’s now July so the heron I saw in Clark Creek Park is surely settled for the nesting season. Much of the ower reaches of the creek flow through back gardens and other private property. Somebody has Green Heron as a yard bird. He or she flew right over my head around 4PM and then landed in a large oak:

Hard to find in the large shot. So here I have zoomed in and added a white dot to show you the bird:

Yesterday there was a gang of at least thirty crows flying in and out of a tall Doug-fir overlooking the park. There was much yelling and cursing from the crows, I swear. As usual, I could not discern the cause of their distress. It wasn’t hot but some declared enemy was either near of newly departed.

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