Posted by: atowhee | June 29, 2021


Back decades ago when I was a Midwestern farm boy “being in heat” was a famikiar phrase around our farm. It meant some female animal was ready to be bred. Ewe, cow, mare, sow–any could be the proclaimed “in heat individual. Then the ram or the artificial inseminator would called on to perform. Now my entire region is “in heat.” Now, here, “being in heat” means you are in the Super Dome, actually the Super Heat Dome.

Two images out our window recently, first one Sunday, second on Monday. This outdoor thermometer is in the shade all day and not near any reflective cement or heat exhaust from a dryer or air conditioner.


Our feathered neighbors showed clear and wise behavioral changes as the heat increased. More time in the bird bath. Staying in the shade. Crows on the lawn because we had misted it. One crow even came within twenty feet of the house, sat on a shaded fence and panted. Most small birds were not active or visible during afternoon hours, then dinner at 8 or late.

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