Posted by: atowhee | June 22, 2021


A barn-load of Barn Owls recently got banded down in Jackson County. The family nested in my friend’s barn outside of Ashland. Here is Karl Schneck’s report: “Here are some pictures from the banding of the Barn Owls yesterday. Mom and four kids got banded by a bander from USFWS. There were about a dozen people watching and everyone got to hold the owlets before replacing them in the box. I held the mom while the owlets were being banded and ended up with a lot of owl poop on my pants… but worth it. There’s nothing like holding a bird… reminds me of the old saying ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’, even if it has a different meaning. The photos are all courtesy of Kent Patrick-Riley.”

And here is Karl’s summary of the nesting behavior of some of his other neighbors…I note he doesn’t even pretend those nest boxes are for bluebirds only.
“I had 6 active TRSW nests (75%) in my yard, actually a bit more than usual. Most of the young have fledged. VGSW are still building their nest in the box that was used by WB Nuthatch after they fledged. Barn Swallows in… you got it, the barn. W. Bluebird in one of the swallow boxes should be fledging very soon. Oak Titmouse have fledged also. Barn Owls were banded today and they should fledge in about 2 weeks. House Wren? Not sure what they are up to. Maybe stuffing the box to discourage others. Bullock Orioles are nesting but I usually don’t find their nests until after the leaves have dropped. Robins, C. Towhees, B. Blackbirds nesting also. Downy Woodpecker and Acorn Woodpecker in tree cavities. So, for me, a very successful year. Except for the W. Kingbirds who failed last year and this year in their attempt to build a nest on a utility pole in high winds… I guess they keep trying since they were successful 2 yrs. ago.”

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