Posted by: atowhee | June 20, 2021


As spring makes way for official summer here in the Willamette, the cherry trees present bounty. In our garden the two varieties intertwine their limbs and compete to be chosen most fruitful. I have given up citruc for now, all my VItamin C is coming from the cherries:

I have apparently always love cherries. I can never recall NOT wanting another cherry.
Not exactly one of my earliest memories, but one of the oldest stories my mother loved to repeat was about my early days in Albion, Michigan, on our small farm. When I was less than three we moved to Missouri so all my own, self-stored early memories came from Rolla or places we visited from there.
Oh, I always liked goats, as well. It was their brash forwardness that suited my toddler self. The photo below is from about 1948 and shows me with a kid and lamb. Back to the cherries…

Our Michigan farm had fruitful cherry trees. I liked to hang out with the goats. We kids all played together. When the cherries ripened I would open the gate and the goats and I would go into the orcha

rd and eat all the fallen cherries. My face and any clothes I wore would be cherry-juice-stained. There were hints that I ate so many cherries there was digestive eruption. None of this I recall, just the narrative about it. My mother would often expound that my goat friends would lead me around and chew off my buttons. At that I was supposed to have laughed. It still makes me laugh, gets my goat.

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