Posted by: atowhee | June 18, 2021


My friend and co-author, Peter Thiemann, has been monitoring a next box in Southern Oregon. He got video of the actual fledging moment. Click here for video and details on Peter’s Facebook page.

Seven years ago Peter got pictures of an owlet newly fledged. This time the kiddo climbed onto a fallen log and cuddled up with its mom. The older sibling had earlier left the nest and vanished, down some predator’s gullet no doubt. Mom left the fuzz-ball on the log and flew off. Peter supposed she was going to get food from the male. Instead she circled around and flew at Peter’s head from behind. A gentle scraping of the hat was her message. Peter took the hint and left the scene. A month later we re-found the owlet, starting to grow real owl feathers and following dad through the canopy.


  1. Fascinating Owls. Is there a link to the video you mention that does not require a Facebook login? Best, Babsje

    • No, he doesn’t use youtube…I hate Facebook myself….horrid company

      • Ok thanks for following up. Much appreciated. I have enjoyed your Owl postings over the years. Best, Babsje

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