Posted by: atowhee | June 18, 2021


100-degrees Fahrenheit…by 8AM. Now, that’s what I call real weather.

LATE UPDATE: Big Sur wildfire burning along Big Sur Coast. Tassajara Zen center evacuated.

In today’s world marketing rules. The many landfill firms get great publicity while their official numbers cover up their egregious release of climate changing methane into our only atmosphere. Methane is many times worse than mere CO2 when it comes to heating up our planet. Much of what we throw away will produce methane as it rots underground–food, paper, plastic, wood, cotton, wool, leather, dead bodies of all species…stuff which contains, you know, carbon…

The phrase “after the drought” may have no meaning for anybody reading that phrase today.

Aerial images of reservoirs showing California’s severe conditions. And this year the state already has more acres burned than at this time last year! Right now the west is at ten-year high for wild fires.

After the fire, more than ashes remain. Here’s message from Rogue CVallety followugn their devastating but non-lethal fire along Bear Creek last year:

Rogue River Watershed Council Needs Your Help for Almeda Fire Recovery

RRWC and volunteers from the Talent area planted 200 trees and shrubs along the east bank of Bear Creek at the Suncrest Rest Area along I-5 (mile marker 21 in the southbound lane). The Talent Garden Club will tend the plantings during the warm, dry months of 2021, giving them a great chance to contribute to the recovery of the streamside forest alongside naturally regenerating snowberry, sandbar willow, and Oregon ash. While planting, the volunteers noticed numerous blackberry sprouts. If left unchecked, those blackberries will take over the site (overrunning the native plants). If no one makes an effort, the streamside vegetation will be very similar to what it was back on September 7, 2020 (without the overstory of native trees).

We don’t want to see this happen. And you can help us do something about it at this 3.5-acre site.

Please RSVP with us at 541-423-6158 or if you’d like to spend 2 hours (from 9 to 11 to beat the heat) on the morning of June 25 or 26 hand-pulling blackberries. While the terrain at the site is easy to navigate, you will need to be comfortable climbing over a fence on a 5-foot stepladder. If you are interested in helping, we would appreciate receiving your RSVP on or before June 23.

We will provide sturdy leather gloves to protect your hands, water, and a snack. You simply need to bring yourself and a sense of adventure. Please join us!

Brian Barr | Executive Director
Rogue River Watershed Council | 89 Alder Street | Central Point, OR 97502
Phone: 541.423.6187 | Cell: 541.621.7226

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