Posted by: atowhee | June 14, 2021


Photos by Kirk Gooding. They were circulated by Shannon Rio who had this brief, heartfelt comment: “it is difficult to put into words the magic of seeing so many wild animals in such a wondrous place.”

Here is website for Summer Lake wildlife area.

Summer Lake is in Lake County which is part of this state that is in extreme drought….or, worst yet, exceptional drought. Yet there is enough water at Summer “Lake” to attract White Pelicans. And Summer Lake and its surrounding basin get plentiful water from artisan sources. Shannon reports that the shorebird density is high right now at Summer Lake. She counted at least 400 Wilson’s Phalarope. Summer Lake Lodge is busy and the owners can’t find anybody (tiny local population) who wants to work there.

Shannon reports that the only areas of Malheur wet enough this year to have dense mosquitoes is Diamond in its box canyon.


  1. thats a coyote? pretty cute

    • i have never seen one that young myself…mom must have been nearby, doubt it was even weaned

      • I watch a lot of zoo shows with my dad and recently we were watching the one with the Irwin’s in Australia and the amount of Joeys that come in is amazing. I guess it is like deer in the US…Road hazards.

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