Posted by: atowhee | June 13, 2021


Some good, some negative, but the Earth spins along.
In Colorado there have been sightings of gray wolf cubs for the first time in decades.

No nation –has yet–outlawed the internal combustion engine, but we can predict that is coming…and Shell may be getting ready to begin to bail out of its traditional fossil fuel investments.

In a recent interview, Jane Goodall, once again confirmed her position in a chain of great people who have valued life over wealth or power or tribal fears–Buddha, Gilbert White, Thoreau, John Muir, Rachel Carson, E. O. Wilson.

Then there is the saga of man in rural New Hampshire who’s dear friend is a bundle of feathers–grouse.

Speaking of grouse, here’s my antique blog about a Sooty Grouse who years ago proclaimed ownership of a small road leading up from Ashland into the national forest. We came to believe that his mate was on a nest somewhere nearby. After the young were born, the family vanished up into the forest. Speaking of Sooties, check this out from the slopes of Mt. Shasta.

Trying to save the Allegheny woodrat.

Movie millions go to help save the Galapagos. Thanks to Leonardo.


Our species has moved into places unsuitable. Western US drought.

Drought maps seen here.

A thousand year drought. Last time this happened a tribe of Native Americans abandoned villages and whole areas of the more-arid-than-ever southwestern US.

Climate change may be going for the reef sharks if Malaysia.

Then there is the dark side to human behavior.
Idiot ruins nesting season for Elegant Terns.

We are speeding the decline and possible extinction of a once-abundant American shorebird.

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