Posted by: atowhee | June 12, 2021


Little but noteworthy–a fledgling Red-breasted Nuthatch following an adult through our garden. The young landed on a branch and buzzed, its wings pulsed, the tail fanned out. The adult fetched a morsel. Yesterday I saw two young siskins at our feeder. Somewhere nearby there was a nest here in the Willamette Valley so not all our wintering siskins left for the Cascades this spring.

Here’s a great bird. Adult GGO photographed by Erin Sandle who came out from the East Coast hoping to see this species. On a post in the southern Cascades.

At the same meadow, perhaps the same owl (the male of a pair raising two owlets), Peter Thiemann got this image of a meal being delivered (fresher than your pizza):

My friend Gary Joe got these pictures at a ranch in Big Sur where he stayed recently:

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