Posted by: atowhee | May 26, 2021


In Argentina a giant river otter has been seen–for the first time in that country since the 80s.


California and the US government have a preliminary agreement on developing the West Coast’s first offshore wind turbine project to generate electricity. It would be near Morro Bay between Big Sur and Santa Barbara. East Coast wind turbines are built onto the ocean floor. That will not be possible in this section of the Pacific because it is so deep. These would have to be floating turbines. All offshore projects have implications for wildlife.

Here’s a summary of what one scientist had to say about the Block Island Wind Farm and wildlife. It’s off Rhode Island and is tiny compared to the Morro Bay plans.

Here is more sophisticated look at the risks of wind turbines for bats and birds. This comes from Europe where there are far more floating wind turbines than in the U.S. With few countries that produce oil Europe spent over $30 billion last year on offshore wind projects.


Not only is Ford Motor betting heavily in electric vehicles, predicting electric will bbe forty percent of the new vehicle market by the end of THIS DECADE! Then the Dutch courts have ordered Shell Oil to curtail its emissions. And now those greedy capitalists who actually owns shares of Exxon may have elected as many as three board members who will push the company to deal climate change in reality, not just advertising,


As the days lengthen and temperatures rise, the sun becomes more a part of daily life. For a refresher, here’s link to Environmental Working Group’s guide to sunscreen…or not.


  1. I was lucky enough to see a Giant River otter in Peru so it’s good to hear one has been spotted in Argentina. The proper siting of ocean wind turbines is critical to protect migrating birds and seabirds – not a good idea in CA>

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