Posted by: atowhee | May 19, 2021


Click here for video and sound track of a hunting GGO in Jackson County. This is likely a mated male hunting for himself, his mate and however many owlets they should have by now. Each individual owl needs four meals per day to maintain health/growth. If there are three baby owls involved that means: 4meals X 5owls = 20 successful hunts every 24 hours. So, yes, the male is often hunting in broad daylight even though he is “nocturnal”. The female’s task now is primarily to keep babies warm and protected so she cannot stray far from nest and nestlings, perhaps grabbing an occasional vole who foolishly scampers beneath the nest site or owlets’ perch if they are fledged.

All the fine video was gathered by Lee French of Ashland. He is not the only person who’s life has been deeply affected by these owls.

Click here for story that tells how one Great Gray Owl encounter changed this woman’s life.

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