Posted by: atowhee | April 20, 2021


Around Salem now: the heronry north of town has at least six Blue Heron nests in operation. It is east of I-5 and just south of Exit 263.

The Bald Eagles are at their nest northwest of Exit 253, I-5 and Hwy 22. It is just northeast of Costco.

At Fairview today a half dozen Western Sandpipers flew past. Many of the wintering ducks are still resident. A mated pair of PB Grebes were swimming around together. However, the pond is drying quickly and it may not be a safe place to try to nest this season. One momma Mallard with ELEVEN new ducklings. What a job she has! The little fuzzy-wuzzies were so spread out I couldn’t get them all in one frame…heron bait, I fear.

I will leading bird trips for Malheur Field Station this September. 11th through the 15th. $900 fee includes all room and board plus all the birds we can see.

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