Posted by: atowhee | April 14, 2021


Jared Pruch saw a Great Gray Owl in eastern Lane County last weekend. Here’s his report:

“Here’s a copy of the photo of the owl from this weekend.

“I have a copy of your book, which I have enjoyed tremendously – it has inspired several trips from Eugene down to the Howard Prairie Lake area, as well as a trip over to La Grande. I actually gave Bruce [Newhouse] a copy for the holidays a few years back!
“This owl was near a conservation property owned by the McKenzie River Trust, our local land trust. I’m the volunteer land steward for the property so I was very excited to see the owl nearby. I was with my 3 and 5-year old daughters when we saw it, and they both got great looks at it.”

GGOs like to perch near the ground so they can hear any small mammals moving about. Pairs should be laying eggs in nests ini next few weeks. Y9ung hatch about thirty days after each egg is laid, so they are spaced out in hatching.

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