Posted by: atowhee | April 11, 2021


Maybe even an Osprey offensive? My wife and Nora and I were at Salem Audubon Preserve late this afternoon. There was an Osprey on the nest platform there, and two Osprey flying past, one apparently pursuing the other. To accompany the action there was the birds’ high-pitched squealing. Perhaps the third bird was an unwelcomed intruder? Osprey may be supporters of Me Two, but not so keen on Me Three?

Here’s the defending Osprey taking off in pursuit:

And here is the Osprey on nest, that didn’t leave but squealed loudly:

At the preserve were many wildflowers including fawn lilies, chocolate lilies, camas not yet in bloom, and this trillium. I think this may be Trillium kurabayaskii which is native to coastal areas in southern Oregon and northern California, but not here where we have the pale western trillium in our woods.

Working in our garden today I saw a wren land on the nearby suet log. But would he pose? “Hah,” said sneaky wren:

Salem Audubon Nature Reserve, Polk, Oregon, US
Apr 11, 2021
4 species

Osprey  3
Northern Flicker  1
American Crow  2
Brown Creeper  1


  1. There were three pairs of Osprey fighting over this nest in 2015, the first year it was installed. We believe it has been the same pair nesting every year since, but every year they have had to fight off intruders at the beginning of the season. Either that is a very special nest or this is just standard behavior in the Osprey world. You are so lucky to have been on the spot to witness this!

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