Posted by: atowhee | April 7, 2021


There are still dozens of siskins in our Salem garden, but today I saw just a single junco. An adult male. He might find a place nearby to nest. Juncos first appeared as a flock at the start of October. In mid-winter we had as many as sixty at a time. They’ll be back in a crowd after a summer of making more juncos. I hope they’re successful. The siskins came in late October and have been here ever since. One day I will look out on a very quiet, empty-feeling garden. Whether we get siskins again next year…? The Bewick’s Wrens will be relieved I suspect, and the Bushtits.

At Bush’s Pasture Park this afternoon I saw an Orange-crowned Warbler, also a coup0le of White-crowned Sparrows. Here in our garden we have one hanging around.

My “junco jay” with that jazzy white-striped tail is here for the summer and may be mating and rearing young soon. Perhaps there’ll be a whole set of white-striped tails by August?

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