Posted by: atowhee | April 3, 2021


You can click here to see the youtube video of a Great Gray Owl hunting a meadow in the Cascades of Jackson County, OR. Turn up the audio…there are geese and coyotes sounding off in the same area. The owl comes up with a morsel and swallows it whole, head-first, as is protocol for the species’ adults. In the next few weeks mated pairs will begin laying eggs if the food supply is sufficient to support reproduction this year.

Video is by good friend and great owler, Lee French, of Ashland. I now know that the best thing about writing a book on this species is that I have helped find good friends for both the birds, and myself. The Great Gray Owls are certainly the core of a karass.


  1. Thank you. However the link took me to Joni Mitchell!

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